Isabelle H.

Bonjour, Previet, Hello, I’m Isabelle. I’m 15 years of age. I have been homeschooled most my life with Waldorf method. Waldorf is an art-based teaching method. I went to public school for year 1, I was bullied by many of my classmates and called a teacher’s pet. I thought listening was how we were supposed to act but others say different. I want to change this world by helping others learn how to become more loving, kind, productive, happy, successful, and free spirited. Many teenagers my age are anxious, depressed, and feel like they are not wanted or loved. I want to help lift those people up. I love waking up early to watch the sunrise and hear the world wake up. I’m interested in singing, theater, fitness, dance, being outdoors, learning new languages, and living how I want. I am learning Russian right now. I will give inspirational quotes, great podcasts to listen too, and share my own experiences.


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