My Peace of Mind

Hello, how are you? Really, how are you? I am great. I hope that you can say the same. I am excited by the New Year, and learning to not have crazy expectations for myself and others. Last year I had near impossible goals and ended up beating myself up for accomplishing them. I encourage you to take care of yourself, listen to what your heart, and body want, not what others want from you or what your past self wanted from you. Our body’s tell us what we need when we need it, we just have to be alert. I am definitely more in sync with my heart mind and body than I was a year ago. I know thinking how we were or what we were doing a year ago and seeing the growth in ourselves is important. What have you learned? Right now I’m working on getting more rest because I’m a night owl, but my whole life is better when I am well rested. A newer update with me is the fact that I quit dance to take on Musical Theater. I have always loved performing, but with dance I could only do it with my actions rather than actions and words. I didn’t really gain a deep connection with the people I danced with, and I think you kind of have to in order to trust each other and seem genuine when dancing or performing. I’m am glad I made that choice and I’m excited to see how the theater life treats me or vice versa. I’m soon to audition for Newsies Jr. I’m more than excited, and love spending time with my friends and watching them perform. I hope you have a swell weekend and if your up north stay warm. Sending my love ❤

2 thoughts on “My Peace of Mind

  1. So very nice to get your email. I’m happy to heR that you are doing fine. I myself am doing great. Life is really good. Happy to hear you are pursuing a fun new adventure. Setting goals can be challenging. First is it a short term or long term goal. And that’s after you set a standard, for you, of how long should it take to achieve a short term goal and long term goals can can several months to years. Then .are sure you have them written down because an unwritten goal is soon forgotten. I heard it said one time that when setting goals .are them realistic but challenging. You take care of yourself and be true to who you are. Trying to get down there in February but depends on contractor scheduling. Love you. ❤

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