My Peace of Mind

Happy Holidays! Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate and for those who don’t, I hope you had a wonderful week. How has life been treating you? Life has been crazy, and constantly changing. I love when things are changing, it’s not the same things every day. I also like routines, but change is good for me. How you feel about change and schedules? Have you picked up any new hobbies? I have been more artsy lately. Art interests me a lot more than usual, its beautiful, and everywhere. Clay working has been fun. I want to invest in a pottery wheel to make pots and mugs. I made a mushroom a few weeks ago, and gave it to my friend. It was quite cute and could also hold small items. Candle making has been very fun, and also therapeutic. I like to do handwork. Creating art that is beautiful and useful is peaceful and helps keep my mind off of certain things. I took a small unconscious brake from working out, but am getting into it again. I got to say that I am more flexible now. I have been stretching, but not lifting weights as much. I have been taking morning and afternoon walks around my neighborhood. They are peaceful, and have similar effects as mediation does for me. I also have taken gluten out of mt diet, which has been nice. I think I have slight allergies towards it, and I have been noticing my skin is kinder to me. Have a wonderful day, love. Sending my love to you<3

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