My Peace of Mind

Why do we let little things hurt us? Does is hurt our ego, make us insecure, or change us? I keep having eye opening moments throughout my life on how I want to impact people and how I actually impact people. Have you ever thought of that? It is quite interesting. How would you change the way you communicate after understanding this?  Do you already have an understanding? It’s difficult for me, and I try to take notes in my head on how I can change how I communicate towards others in a kind and more understanding way. Many people say I have an “unkind resting face” per se. I practice making my face look relaxed while also looking approachable. Words mean different things to different people. To me they mean a lot. When somebody says something to me and I care deeply for them I repeat what they say over and over again. If it’s positive that’s really good, but if its negative it makes me believe it. I work on not caring about negative words or phrases but it’s a struggle. I know I will overcome it one day. I love you and hope you have a fun weekend. Sending my love<3

2 thoughts on “My Peace of Mind

  1. You are very correct when you say that different things are taken differently by different people. We learn to speak individually to people. People need to give up the rating people by their looks. Get to know the person by their actions and feelings, not by their looks. If people get to know you for your inner self they will find a beautiful caring person. ❤


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