My Peace of Mind

Being alone and being lonely are two different things. When I am alone, I recharge and heal. When I am lonely, I create a wall that stops me. I said, I created the wall, so I can break down the wall. What do you do when you feel lonely or unmotivated? I am unmotivated very often. I choose to discipline myself because I want to become successful. To me becoming successful doesn’t mean becoming rich and known, it means changing people’s mindsets to do better, making people happy, and in doing these things makes me happy. I want to be happy. Do you want to be happy? Somedays I feel numb, it’s not a good or bad feeling. It’s not really a feeling at all, its emptiness. Here is an example- You are going to a party and everyone is happy or overwhelmed with joy and you don’t understand why, “why do I have to feel happy for this person or these people, it’s not going to change anything?” It’s sad for me to think about. What triggers this within me? Is it unconsciousness? I am reading this phenomenal book “How to do the work” by Dr Nicole LePERA. It talks about being conscious and unconscious in our daily life. I don’t want to spoil too much; you should read it or listen to it as an audio book. How has your summer been? I went on my big hiking trip! I received a trail name “ Goomanchoo” it’s pretty cool! There is a story behind it but it was funnier in the moment rather than trying to explain it. Straight after the hike I went to a church camp. I had a blast! I was a camp leader in a way, and the kids I was over were fun and I hope they made lots of memories like me. There was a lake we could swim, paddle boat, canoe, and fish in. The last night I stayed up pretty late because I was really going to miss my friends. I got locked out of my cabin so a kind person from a different cabin offered her bed to me. She said she was going to pull an all-nighter so she didn’t need it. I had an amazing summer so far and I have a month left so I’m going to make more memories. Sending my love<3 

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