My Peace of Mind

Hello! Happy Friday. How have you been? I have been amazing. Last week I went to a theater camp in Virginia. I have to say it was the best camp I have ever been to! The people were amazing, rehearsals were fun, and the time we spent deliriously talking about life after lights out was the best. I had the best roommate. She was blunt, let me be my crazy self, and loved me for it. I was freaking out when we were each given five songs that were at least ten pages long in under forty-eight hours. Once we added choreography it was simpler. My voice teacher Mr. Kevin Jones was the director of the camp. He is very professional and pulls everything together smoothly. If you are looking for a voice teacher, he is the one to go to. After going through a stressful period such as camp it helped me grow. I am constantly changing and growing and so are you. When I first arrived at camp, I was excited but very anxious. I didn’t want to offend anyone or come off as a totally different person. When I get nervous or scared, I act closed off or I share everything with you about my life. If I’m in the middle then I’m more comfortable. I was speaking with my mom the other day about many things and one of the things that popped up was trauma. When I was younger, I was very emotional. I felt passionate about many things and when I did, I was a bit dramatic and my siblings would make fun of me. I now have a hard time showing emotions and if I do, I’m trying really hard. It has become unnatural to me. I want to fix that and rewire my brain to know that its ok showing emotion whether its sad, happy, or angry. I hope that if you struggle with any of those things you will work them out. I also want to say that my siblings are the best and without them I wouldn’t be helping or talking to other people about things such as this. You are amazing. Sending my love<3

2 thoughts on “My Peace of Mind

    1. I don’t think you need to fix your brain, its ok to be numb sometimes. Every once in awhile I have really strong emotions that have been bottled up. I try to put myself with people who make me feel happy, so when others treat me wrong I recognize it. Surround yourself with people that express themselves, it might help you feel comfortable to do the same. Time is your friend. You got this!


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