My Peace of Mind

Hello! I have been MIA, and I’m sorry for it.  I don’t want take peoples time if the quality of my post is not down to earth and meaningful. I have been thinking of many things. Sometimes my mind takes over my heart and I don’t choose what I actually want in life. Does that happen to you? I don’t like when it happens but it’s a learning curve. I love life because every day is a new day, every mistake is an experience, and you can literally do what you please and there will always be consequence’s, good and bad.  I read a children’s book about there being only one you in the world to the kids I babysit the other day and it made me think about how teenagers and adults are so miserable. Little kids don’t care about the little things, they are happy and free because they choose to be. We should choose to be happy and free.  The world changes every day because a new born with a different personality joins our world. We are all different and we can learn from each other. We can choose to uplift or tear down, what you choose is your decision. I hope we will all come together and create something that will change the world in many great and impowering ways. Have a wonderful day. Sending my love.

2 thoughts on “My Peace of Mind

  1. How old are you now? So much knowledge and wisdom in that sweet heart and brain. It is beyond your young years. May Lord Jesus bless you and the people that influenced your life. ❤️ Auntie Flo.


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