My Peace of Mind

Hello! How is the weather? Is it warm and humid or cold and dry? I’m on the lookout for a bathing suit. Since I don’t have one yet I jumped into my neighborhood pool with my clothes on. It was really fun! I don’t think I’ve done that before. It has been very hot and its perfect for going to beach. Do you have any big summer plans? I have a few. I’m going on a one-hundred-mile backpacking trip for ten days with family friends, going to a musical theater summer camp, and planning to have a summer party to bring people my age together. I also have some books I hope to finish before summer is over. I’m starting a YouTube channel. What kind of things would you like to watch me do? I will do challenges, go on adventures, and go through what I do in my daily life. I will do some workout, food recipes, and meditation videos. What are you doing in life to make you happy? Are you happy? Meditation helps me think deeply on what I truly want and choose what my mindset should be. When I do what makes me happy, I get hyped up and energized. When I do things, I’m not the biggest fan of I become burnt out and moody. I was listening to a Gary vee podcast and he was asking a guy what he loved doing when he was in high school. He said surfing. Gary told him to work on a surfing podcast or making a brand for surfing from after dinner to right before he goes to bed. Gary said after two years or less something big will happen. Do what you love and what helps you acquire knowledge. Thank you for your time. Sending my love.

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