My Peace of Mind

Hello! How are you doing? Have you been through any changes or awakenings? I have been Really happy these past few days. I think about life often, and the idea of me being able to do anything. That is amazing, right? I have this gift; I don’t want to throw it away. Working hard and doing what I love helps me grow and helps determine what my goals are in life. Do you have goals? I have many goals, big and small. Having goals has helped me become more cheerful, because I feel I have a purpose. I have daily, monthly, and yearly goals. I write mine down, manifest them, and try not to share all of them because they might not happen. It’s good to share but keeping them to yourself will surprise people. I want to start a vlog. It will be similar to this blog but I will be showing you my adventures and speaking. Do you think it’s a good idea? I think so.  I went to Barre class with my mom and a friend. It was very enjoyable. it was difficult but spending time and laughing with each other was my favorite part. When was the last time you laughed with pure happiness? I try to laugh every day, by watching something funny, playing with my brothers, or talking with close friends. I encourage you to laugh, have meaningful conversations, and walk outside without a phone and if you can with a loved one. Sending my love!

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