My Peace of Mind

Hello! Good morning! How have you been? Have you spoken to any of your loved ones lately? Its ok if you haven’t yet, but you should stop what you’re doing and give a call or write and send a letter. I love receiving letters in the mail. My grandma and I send letters to each other every once in a while, and it cheers me up. I wanted a change in my life, a small change, so I asked my mom if she would cut my hair. She did and I love it. Thank you, Mom! At least eight inches of my hair was cut. A simple change like so, changed my mood. I encourage you to find your little change. How is the weather where you are? I hope it’s been splendid. It has been raining a bit, and cloudy. I like to see the weather and seasons change. Its intriguing. Have you learned anything new and exciting lately? My end of the year exam is coming next week, I’m excited and nervous. I hope I will remember most everything. I need to not worry about that at the moment because I am here, I’m taking in this moment as I write. Why do we worry about the past or future? Don’t worry. Live in the power of now. When you’re living in the present, time slows down, and we forget about our troubles. Have you been living in the past, present, or future? Thank you for reading and taking your time out of the day to read my blog. Sending my love.

One thought on “My Peace of Mind

  1. I try to talk with loved ones each day. Easy for those that are local not so easy for those that are a distance away. Just relax and breath. You will do great on your exams. Sending love and hugs.


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