My Peace of Mind

Hello! How are you? Have you tried something new since my last blog? My soul has slowly woken up from winter into spring. The weather has been beautiful. I had a time where I was out of it. I was tired even when I had enough sleep. I was mentally, spiritually, and physically exhausted. I spoke with a close friend about the winter to spring change. Have you ever noticed when you are not in your season, and feel off?  I have to make a schedule and stick to it for at least three days to match my season. Listen to your gut and your body. It knows best. The close friend that I have been talking about gave me a “Better Life Journal”. I’m exited! I have “musts” that get me through the day. I have to journal, meditate, take a cold shower, and workout. If I don’t do these I can’t focus, I’m tired, and I don’t feel motivated. Find your Four things. It doesn’t matter what it is, just find them then do them. I challenge you to try new things every day, make goals, stay positive, feel yourself out, and follow your dreams. Sending my love.

3 thoughts on “My Peace of Mind

  1. Love reading your new posts. Always have very helpful ideas and your comments have great insight into problems others may be struggling with.😘

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  2. Izzy, I’ve followed this photographer for about 2 years. His main objective is to sell courses in photography. But he does often supply links to articles on bettering your use of cameras. Thought it might interest you. Love, Grandpa

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