My Peace of Mind

Hello! Happy Spring! How are you? Have you been taking care of yourself? If so, fabulous. If not, why? What is stopping you? You can do anything if you put your mind to it. If you say something is impossible, remember I’m possible. Find your own way to figure it out. Every single person in the world is different. Think about that. I don’t understand why we would compare ourselves to others if we are built different. Some people don’t speak to others when they are upset or dislike that person, but others don’t think like that at all. Don’t put all your energy into someone or something that is pushing you away or ignoring you. Don’t stress that way it’s not good for your wellbeing. Stress on new projects or don’t stress at all. Don’t beat yourself up but don’t let yourself stay comfortable. You wont grow. A good Friend gave me a journal and one of the first pages it has a section that says “write your name to commit to your goals with any means necessary”. I love that. I listened to a podcast I was intrigued when it said you can become successful doing something you love or doing something that you hate, you just have to do it. I prefer doing the things that I love. I work hard but I love what I do. If you love what you do, it shouldn’t make you tired, it should give you energy because you feel fulfilled in many ways. You don’t need much sleep if you are in your body’s season, in other words, in tune with your body. Sending my love.

2 thoughts on “My Peace of Mind

  1. In many ways I am taking very good care of myself physically and mentally. But there are a few areas of my physical well being that I need to pay more attention to and make changes. I know that I can do it if I can convince the mental side to support my physical side. I have many things I want to see before I leave this world. I realize we have no control over that part of life but we can take care of ourself so we can enjoy of all the time we are given.

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