My Peace of Mind

Hello! Happy Wednesday! I hope all is well. I wanted to share my experience hiking and backpacking part of the Appalachian Mountains. My best friend lives a couple hours away from me so my Mom drove me to his family’s house and we spent the night. The next morning, I woke up, got dressed, went on the roof and watched the sunrise. It was beautiful. I couldn’t stay out long because I had to get ready for the hike. I got ready, packed the car, drove up and down a mountain with my ears popping, and arrived. I was ready for this new adventure, it was my first-time backpacking. Onward we went. Lots of different shaped rocks, Ice everywhere, trees, and prominent views. The higher we went the more it was difficult to breath but I got used to it. I was in a state of wow for 99% of the beauty, the other percent was me trying not to fall. I wish everyone could experience this at least once. The point of me sharing my adventures is to motivate you to try new things and enjoy life. Experiences are more fun, worthwhile, and create memories you can keep with you or share. I would rather go somewhere than be given a thing. Find a hobby or two and go, better yourself. We were given this gift, Life. I think of the word and meaning,” Life” As ‘Living In it Fully Everyday”. Just Do it! If you don’t have motivation learn how to work and get things done. If you do this it will help you so much in life. Sending my Love.

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