My Peace of Mind

Hello! I recently bought a laptop so I can blog with my own tools. I bought it from PCRX, a computer and device company. It is my first big thing I have bought as a teenager. I worked and saved lots of my earnings last summer. I worked at a Jewish daycare. I think teenagers should work really hard now so when we are in our 20s or even 30s, we can be financially free. I personally don’t want to work a nine to five job. I want to travel, educate myself by reading and experiencing fun and important things. I haven’t really thought about college until recently from friends. I don’t think you need to go to college unless you need a degree for being a doctor, lawyer etc. Many people are in debt from student loans. I don’t need that, I don’t want that. I want to work hard every day to get what I want. I’m often tempted to give up and follow the crowd but I’m getting better. I have been waking up at 5:45 am, taking a cold shower, watching the sunset, journaling, meditating, and working out. I love all these things and know that they will help me grow as a person. My favorite out of all these are Journaling and working out. When I journal it’s like writing my own story, how I’m feeling, and I can look back, read it and see my growth. When I’m working out, I feel strong mentally and physically. Becoming strong has always been important to me. Since I was little, I worked out with my Dad and his friends. He broke his wrist a few years ago so we took a long break but I got back into it. I challenge you to do hard things. If you do easy things and stay in you comfort zone you won’t grow, you will stay the same. Easy is also boring. I’m a competitive person and love challenges. You are enough, you are loved, you will get through you hard times. Sending my love to everyone. Over and out.

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