My peace of Mind

Hello! I hope those who live in warmer areas are enjoying the spring weather. How are you? I recently received my permit and have been driving so much. I started out really rough but have slowly gotten better. I have been doing really well with exercise. I box, and have taken my first private lesson with my Dad and younger brother. It helped tremendously with the group classes I take. I am on day eleven out of my one hundred pullups a day for thirty days challenges. I love challenges.  I know the only person I should compare myself to is myself yesterday. Work on yourself but don’t do it for show, do it for you. When you accomplish and move forward with something it will make you very happy. You might even keep going on your journey with what you are doing. I hear “fake it till you make it” often and I don’t agree with the statement. You don’t need to fake anything you just need to love the process. Being okay with failure is a wonderful gift. Learn to do this, learn to be happy when you fail so you will be better. I’m working on the all these things, but one I really need to work on is, not caring about what others think. When you let others have that control over you it’s not going to let you grow but make you feel small. Treat yourself like you would your best friend because you are your best friend. My Mom has been telling me this for a couple days and it made me think deeply on why we treat ourselves so negatively.  Take time for yourself. I eventually want to take three months away from reality and work on myself and only myself. I will be like fasting but with Electronics and people. Work while others are partying, read, while others are watching tv, exercise, when others are busy scrolling on social media, saying they will start tomorrow, meditate, while others are behind on work, take a walk outside, while others are taking a nap. Be different, be the change. Take time and listen to others needs, not complaining. Don’t waste your time talking about people but talk about ideas and plans. Try new things, find hobbies. I’m very genuine, don’t be fake. Say what you want, and lastly be yourself. You are enough as you are and you have places to grow. If you want to be the best versions of yourself work hard. Live everyday like it’s your last. If you think of it, you never know when the last time you tell someone you love them, or say goodbye. Be loving, be grateful, and be yourself. Sending my love.

I’m almost there

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